Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression can begin just after baby’s birth — or up to a year after baby is born. (Depression can also begin in pregnancy, but it is referred to as perinatal depression). Symptoms include:  feeling sad, down or depressed,  feeling anxious or panicked,  problems with eating or sleeping Upsetting thoughts you can’t get out of yourContinue reading “Symptoms of Postpartum Depression”

What Does Coping Mean?:And Why It’s Important Postpartum

How do YOU cope? Coping with a tough situation doesn’t mean having the challenge go from tough to easy, it means finding ways to deal with the toughness so that you can make it through.   There are healthy ways to cope, and unhealthy ways to cope. Healthy ways: calling a supportive person on theContinue reading “What Does Coping Mean?:And Why It’s Important Postpartum”

Scary Thoughts After Having A Baby

Almost every mother has “scary thoughts” after having a baby. These thoughts most often focus on ways that the baby could be hurt. Sometimes they are images, and sometimes they are more just “ideas”. Women do not bring these thoughts up to their friends, to their mothers, their sisters, their church family, their doctors, andContinue reading “Scary Thoughts After Having A Baby”

What Is Postpartum Psychosis?

Postpartum Psychosis is a rare, but also very serious, mental health disorder. About 1-2 women in 1000 will experience postpartum psychosis, and it’s important that more women and their support systems learn what to watch for so that every woman can receive the care that they need. Here is a list of some (but notContinue reading “What Is Postpartum Psychosis?”

Postpartum Frustration? Check Your Expectations

Do you find that you are often frustrated with yourself? Or with those around you? Feelings of anger, resentment, or disappointment can stem from high or unmet expectations.  When you are feeling one of these emotions, you might try getting curious about your expectations. Were you hoping things would go “perfectly”? Did you expect yourselfContinue reading “Postpartum Frustration? Check Your Expectations”

The First 3 Months With Baby: How Nurturing Mom Leads To Improved Recovery for Her & Bonding with Baby

During the first weeks and months after baby arrives I encourage moms to enter a season of mindful nurturing, a slowing of pace. I struggle with the expectation that so many have that they will “bounce back” after baby, and that their life and body will stay exactly the same.   I think this setsContinue reading “The First 3 Months With Baby: How Nurturing Mom Leads To Improved Recovery for Her & Bonding with Baby”

Michelle’s Story

Continued from Homepage . . . She hasn’t told anyone, but she’s stopped holding her baby whenever she is alone, just to be safe. She’s also feeling incredibly sad and irritable. She finds herself yelling at her partner frequently, which has never happened before and in her mind she’s yelling at herself “You’re a badContinue reading “Michelle’s Story”