Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression can begin just after baby’s birth — or up to a year after baby is born. (Depression can also begin in pregnancy, but it is referred to as perinatal depression). Symptoms include:  feeling sad, down or depressed,  feeling anxious or panicked,  problems with eating or sleeping Upsetting thoughts you can’t get out of yourContinue reading “Symptoms of Postpartum Depression”

Pregnancy and Postpartum OCD

Perinatal (During Pregnancy) and Postpartum OCD is a mental health challenge called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that occurs during pregnancy or after the birth of a child.  Between 3-11% of pregnant/postpartum women experience pOCD.  Some of these women have had OCD or OCD symptoms before, and for some, this is their first experience with OCD.  SomeContinue reading “Pregnancy and Postpartum OCD”

3 Ways Motherhood Would Be Healthier If We Imagined It Like Adolescence

When do children become adults? When they turn 18? 21? When their bodies begin to change? Most people I talk with view adulthood as more of a process than a single moment in time- and we generally agree that the changes that occur happen during adolescence, a time of major changes in our lives.  DidContinue reading “3 Ways Motherhood Would Be Healthier If We Imagined It Like Adolescence”

I’m So Alone After Having a Child

I hear this from so many mothers, and I experienced it myself as a new mom. Motherhood in our society can be a very isolating experience. Mothers are expected to do the majority of the caregiving for baby, and our society in general values the individual over the community. We live away from our extendedContinue reading “I’m So Alone After Having a Child”

What Does Coping Mean?:And Why It’s Important Postpartum

How do YOU cope? Coping with a tough situation doesn’t mean having the challenge go from tough to easy, it means finding ways to deal with the toughness so that you can make it through.   There are healthy ways to cope, and unhealthy ways to cope. Healthy ways: calling a supportive person on theContinue reading “What Does Coping Mean?:And Why It’s Important Postpartum”

Feeling Tearful, Uncertain and Overwhelmed After Giving Birth?

Being more tearful than usual after giving birth is very normal.  Think about what you’ve gone through in the last few days or weeks. The physical marathon of labor and delivery, the emotional experience of meeting your new baby, sleep deprivation, learning/beginning to care for your child, possibly hosting people as they meet baby, it.Continue reading “Feeling Tearful, Uncertain and Overwhelmed After Giving Birth?”

How To Get More and Better Sleep After Having a Baby

If you have a new baby, I don’t need to explain to you what sleep deprivation does to your emotions, mental abilities and body. It takes such a toll! Possibly for the first time in your life, sleep isn’t going to just “happen.” In my experience there are two key ways to deal with theContinue reading “How To Get More and Better Sleep After Having a Baby”

Pregnancy & Postpartum Mental Health Books, Podcasts, Support Groups

Two quick things I want to say as I start this post. One, every mother has a deep well of wisdom within her. So much of what being a mother is, is not able to be found via “more information”. We often learn best when we are shown, when we learn “in relationship” with others.Continue reading “Pregnancy & Postpartum Mental Health Books, Podcasts, Support Groups”

Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety

Anxiety can occur during pregnancy and after birth for mamas. Many women who experience anxiety at these times have also had periods of anxiety before and may have seen a counselor or taken medications in the past. However, most women do not associate the “happy time of pregnancy, birth and postpartum” with new or returnedContinue reading “Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety”