MotherWise: Postpartum Mental Health Texts

#1 Complication of Pregnancy is a Mental Health Disorder

MotherWise texts deliver free resources supporting postpartum mental health. To sign up text MOTHERWISE to 555888.

MotherWise Texts are a 2019 Grant Winner!

I’m so excited to announce that MotherWise Postpartum Mental Health Texts Won the 2019 Asheville Awesome Grant for Fall 2019!

Michelle’s Story

Michelle is the owner of a non-profit in Asheville, NC. She’s been married to her partner for two years, and just delivered her first baby at Mission Hospital. She’s been home for six weeks, but things aren’t going as planned. A few weeks ago she started having scary thoughts pop into her head, in some of them she is hurting her baby. She’s horrified . . .

I’m Jenny Schermerhorn, a licensed professional counselor focusing on work with postpartum mental health.

I created MotherWise Texts as a free service for moms in my community of Asheville, NC and it has spread like wildfire.

I dealt with postpartum depression, postpartum OCD and postpartum anxiety over 5 years and two children. Now, as a maternal mental health therapist and advocate I love providing help, hope and support so women don’t get stuck feeling awful and missing their first weeks and months with their babies.

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